Bio8 is a developer, purchaser, operator and administrator (fully or partly) of companies/organisation that owns businesses and/or trade within renewable energy and related projects.

Through its operational competence, commercial network and industrial partnerships, Bio8’s business is to identify, plan, develop, and administer assets according to best practise principles for such activity. The business activity is conducted by Bio8’s own organisation, and through partnerships.

Bio8 and WIF has made a management agreement to structure and administrate the commercialization of the climate change mitigation parks of WIF, including but not limited to the negotiation of all sales contracts of WIF carbon credit products in a way to ensure that WIF carbon credit products can become an investable asset for both debt and equity investors.

Bio8 has been engaged in sales of bio energy, primary biological oil for industrial consumers.

Contact information 
Bio8 AS
Dronningen 1 0287 Oslo.
Tlf: 928 88 050